Inkjet manufacturing of CCMs for PEMFC by development of catalytic inks & their deposition

In the course of global undertakings to achieve a CO2-neutral energy economy, the German-Spanish-Czech consortium of the project named IMMENSE targets the UN sustainable development goals (SDG) 7 and 9. In detail, it plans to make impact on the current fuel cell technology by tailoring the catalytic ink and processing it using digital inkjet-printing technology supplementing the currently used analogous processes. The consortium represents experts for material development focussing on tuning interfacial properties. In focus are a flexible design of CCMs, reducing manufacturing costs, experimental characterization and advanced mathematical modelling. A short stack fuel cell demonstrator will validate the new manufacturing technology based on an optimized material system that shows similar performance as conventionally produced fuel cells used for mobile applications, i.e. in a car. To reflect all developments according to market needs, an industrial partner is part of the consortium.

Annual Status Report 2023

On November 6th 2023, IMMENSE team gave a public online presentation for the industrial community. The purpose of this event was to inform about intermediate results and important achievements of the first year of the project. The online meeting attracted representatives from industries.

The following achievements in the IMMENSE were highlighted:

  • Enhanced swelling, thermal and conductivity performance of commercial ionomers with new functionalization
  • Direct immobilization of growing nanoparticles on carbon support material
  • Inkjet printed CCMs fabricated by direct deposition for different types of membranes
  • In terms of performance, inkjet-printed layers are comparable to ultrasonically-sprayed ones
  • Market analysis: By reducing the amount of catalyst, the production cost of the fuel cell will be reduced

The targets in the next phase of the IMMENSE will be:

  • Synthesis of high Tg and conductive biopolymers
  • Homogeneous particle size distribution on the carbon support for best catalytic performance
  • Improved ink formulation and printing results for inkjet printing
  • Development of simulation models
  • Improving production process for new bipolar plates

If you would like to receive the slides of presentation or to be invited for the next public presentation, you can contact us through contact page.

European Framework of the IMMENSE Project

The project IMMENSE has been positively evaluated by the M-ERA.NET framework 2021. The duration is July 2022 until June 2025. Each partner is supported by national funding.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 958174.

National Funding of the IMMENSE Project

Czech Republic

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic - TA CR

This project is co-financed from the state budget by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic under the EPSILON Programme within the M.ERA-NET 3 Cofund Call.

Germany (Free State of Saxony)

Sächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst - SMWK

DE: Diese Maßnahme wird mitfinanziert mit Steuermitteln auf Grundlage des vom Sächsischen Landtag beschlossenen Haushaltes.

EN: This project is co-financed with tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon state parliament.


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